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Last year the Sternberg Museum brought their collection of dinosaur fossils to TopCon. This year, the museum returns to TopCon with new and exciting fossils from the age of dinosaurs to delight young and old alike.

Ian Trevethan who is the Outreach Coordinator for the Sternberg Museum of Natural History at Fort Hays University is bringing back the reconstructed head of a Tylosaurus to TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2016 which will take place at the Downtown Ramada Topeka September 16th, 17th and 18th.

At last years TopCon, the head was a huge hit with TopCon fans. The Tylosaurus, who was the unsung hero of the movie “Jurassic World” had a six foot long jaw line and was one of the largest animals that ever lived in earths waters growing all the way to an astonishing 60 feet in length.

TopCon has worked closely with the Sternberg Museum who has helped promote TopCon and in turn TopCon has helped promote Sternberg Museum. “TopCon is all about cooperation,” The GYPSY said. “When we can coop with a great museum like the Sternberg, it benefits not only the fans of TopCon but also the fans of the museum.”
When Ian, who also Cosplays as the Jedi Knight Wookie Gungi from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, contacted TopCon last year and asked if we would like to have Dinosaurs at the event, we jumped at the chance to bring our fans this exciting and fantastic addition. To be able to bring our fans back this fantastic exhibit to TopCon Geek Expo 2016 is a great honor and a great privilege.

TopCon was the first con to bring the dinosaurs of the Sternberg Museum to convention fans. “We were pleased to be able to do this for our fans and we know it added an element of wonder and education to our convention. Cons should always be not only about fun and entertainment but also about fun and education. Because only through learning can we continue to grow and make our world a better place,” The GYPSY said.

Ian admits that he is a geek. “When I got my Wookie Suit I tried it on in the museum, came walking around the corner and scared the cleaning lady half to death.” He says with a laugh, “The look on her face was priceless.”
Priceless is what Ian is bringing to TopCon Geek Expo 2016, a priceless collection of Dinosaur Fossils courtesy of the Sternberg Museum of Natural History who has generously allowed this exhibit to be shown at TOPCON.
The Sternberg Museum is located on the grounds of Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas and has always been at the forefront of education and bringing the public into the world of the Dinosaurs. Now they again are on the forefront of bringing the public more contact with these magnificent creatures that once ruled the earth by bringing them back to TopCon Geek Expo 2016.

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