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ARTISTS & AUTHORS: What are Comics and Games without the creative and talented people that imagine the worlds the geek loves to enter? Well we have those creative and talented Artists and Writers gathered here in THE CATACOMBS so that you can meet them and collect the work they produce for your entertainment and amusement. As a matter of fact we have gathered together so many talented people in just one place that some of the magic they create will probably rub off on you.
EXHIBITORS: We have brought together the finest Vendors of Comics, Games, Costuming and related items to be found at any venue right here in THE EMPORIUM. If you have been looking for it you will probably find it here.
STARS: Take a stroll down the WALK OF FAME where you’ll meet some of the most eclectic collection of celebrities anywhere. They will all be available to meet, greet, sign and photograph with you. Say “Cheese”!
COSPLAY: The STATION is where you can Meet & Greet your favorite Geekdom Hero’s. Find Protection from The Zombie Response Team. Become a Hero with IBOT: Iron Brothers of Topeka or take a walk on the Dark Side with The 501st Legion: Vader’s Fist. Take a trip through Time And Relative Dimensions In Space as you try to avoid being Exterminated by the Red Dalek in the VORTEX CORE. But beware because behind every corner there may lurk a Predator. You’ll find so many Cosplay Hero’s in just one spot you’ll think you have died and gone to Geek Heaven and you have because this is TopCon!
PERFORMERS: From Geek Music to Geek Comedians to Geek Fantasy we have Performers to entertain you no matter what you like and no matter who you are. In THE METRO one thing is for certain… No one will ever walk away from TOPCON GEEK EXPO saying they were bored.



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