Was held on September 18, 19 & 20, 2015 at the Ramada Topeka Downtown in Topeka, Kansas. The previous year (the first year) of 2014 TopCon had been a one day event at the Quincy Street Conference & Event Center also in Topeka. That first year, with less than 60 Days Social media advertising TopCon saw 731 People through the door for a 12 hour event. In this, TopCon’s second year, 2326 people attended the event.

If you were one of those people we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our efforts to bring this event to Topeka and we hope that you enjoy this look back. If you were not one of those people then this page is for you so that you may see what you missed and to help you make plans to join us on September 16, 17 & 18, 2016 where once again TOPCON GEEK EXPO will raid the Ramada Downtown Topeka.


As TopCon Progressed through the year our Posters constantly evolved. The poster above was the last one used for the year and the most widely distributed. The gallery below features our various posters from October 2014 – September 2015.

As our Posters evolved likewise so to did our banners.

We worked hard to bring in guests that our fans wanted to see. Unfortunately we were left, as all cons are, with some cancellations; From The Enigma to The Sky Marshals to Dennis Butt AKA; The Predator to Tiffany Shepis. These things happen and cannot be helped but we still worked hard to promote all of our guests as the gallery below can attest to. The good news is that all of our guests that appeared had a great time at TopCon and the TopCon fans had nothing but praise for them.

And who can forget the special events that centered around some of our guests?

There was absolutely no doubt that TopCon Geek Expo 2015 had a great line-up of guests but we also had a fantastic line-up of Artists and Authors to inspire and get your creative juices flowing.

TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015 sent out invitations to a wide range of Exhibitors carrying a great and varied range of products that we felt would appeal to our TopCon Fans. There was something of interest for everyone.

    Action Photobooth run by Mark Wegener and Lore Pruess will transport you by using state-of-the-art green screen technology to the time and place of your choosing making your con experience one of a kind.
    A cargo hold full of Handmade Steam-punk costume pieces and accessories handmade by Humility or a member of her multi-personality cos-play crew. Handmade Steam-punk costume props and accessories. Items include: Hats, gloves, and gauntlets; masks; hair accessories; watch fobs; guns distressed and painted for that steam-diesel punk, post-apocalyptic aura.
    Returning For Their Second Year To TopCon. They Have Inexpensive, professional quality custom embroidery, costumes and 3D printed nerdery. Get geeky patches to cover holes or personalize your bag, or flaunt your fandoms with 3D printed magnets, costume hats and more. Stop by for demos.
    Returning For Their Second Year At TopCon One of Topeka’s favorite Comic Book and Gaming Stores made their debut appearence in Topeka at TopCon 2014. They offer Comics, Trade Paperbacks, Action Figures, Board games, Tee Shirts, and related merchandising.
    Bringing you the finest Comics (current, Bronze, and Silver), TPB, Games, Toys, Collectibles. When they say “Your Pop Culture Headquarters” you can believe it.
    Specializing in Geek Chic Clothing, Corsets, and Fabric Accessories. They design, create, and sell geek chic clothing and accessories (many of which feature their own fabric designs). They also design and build custom corsets and costumes.
    Handmade Craft Items including: Journals with wood covers, steampunk style pendants, chainmail inspired jewelry, Ceramic tile home Decor.
    No stranger to the Comic-Con Scene Alexa Heart brings her brand of Cosplay Artistry to TopCon Geek Expo 2015. Hugely popular because of her knowledge and expertise with Cosplay the personable Alexa will not only be helping to monitor some of the panels at TopCon she will also have a booth in Exhibitors Row where she will be selling items that cater to the Geek Lifestyle, props, costumes, accessories.
    Extra Life is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program that empowers the Gaming Community to make a difference in the Lives of Local Sick and Injured Kids. Participants Fund Raise year-round and during a 24-hour Gaming Marathon each Fall. Getting involved is as easy as signing up online at www.extra-life.org, asking your Friends and Family to donate and Pledging to Play Games for 24 hours in support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of your choice. You can Play from the comfort of Your Own Home, Playing any Game you want. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at St. Francis Fund Raises to support pediatric care of Northeast Kansas kids. This includes funding critical treatments, research and equipment, as well as helping families who cannot afford care. This year we are working on Building Awareness and recruiting Gamer’s to Fund Raise for CMNH at St. Francis.
    Returning For Their Second Year At Topcon They Will have a HUGE selection of retro games common and rare. Plenty of handheld games and systems. The action figure section will range from Power Rangers to Mario! Did we mention there will be a dedicated gaming area with a variety of consoles to play on free of charge? They will also be giving away bonus prizes through out the weekend as well. Do yourselves a favor and don’t miss out on Topeka’s coolest Nerdfest of the year!
    Demos, Sales, Pre-Sales and Presentation Of New Games For The Serious Gamer.
    Is Sponsoring a Cosplay Repair and Storage Room at TopCon Geek Expo 2015. There is nothing worse than having a seam split or a prosthetic collapse right before that all important moment when you present yourselves to the fans; also, who couldn’t use a little nearby storage? Well thanks to the generosity of KC Cosplay & Photography you will have the best of both repair & storage at TopCon.
    Making crochet toys, clay charms and felt embroidery, mostly with anime and video games themes.
    They will have their initial tabletop RPG, “Against the Dark Yogi”, as well as supplements.  They will also have some materials for their new game, “Shadows Over Sol” that will be in the process of a Kickstarter at that time.
    Have you discovered digital comics? Topeka Shawnee County Library has the widest variety of digital comics and graphic novels found anywhere and will be showcasing their collections of physical & digital games, books, comics, and graphics novels. If you are on the go or don’t have room to store traditional comics then digital is the way to go. Check them out and go digital.
    Vintage Stock is your entertainment superstore! From the newest hit movies, music, and video games to the rarest comics, toys, and memorabilia, Vintage Stock is the only store to have it all! Everything you want, all in one store.
    A Featured Sponsor Of TopCon. You May Not Need It But You Wantz It.
    Retro Gaming Challenges For Fun and Prizes.

One of the largest and most important challenges we faced was bringing our TopCon Fans the Events and Entertainment they wanted and deserved. The TopCon Team worked long and hard to bring this all important portion of TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015 together for our fans.


  • Friday 10:00 am – Fan Group Meet-Ups Begin
  • Saturday 9:00 am – Grand Parade and Official Opening
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9:30 am – Sky Marshals Charity Jail Begins: The law of the Steampunk skies, the Sky Marshals, will set up their jail and run an entertaining and interactive activity in THE METRO. Attendees can have their friends and family “arrested” and put in jail for $1/minute. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Harvesters Food Bank.
  • Saturday & Sunday 9:45 am –  Ladies and Gentlemen Dueling: An in depth look at the historical context of dueling, and then the cast of Steamworks & Shadows provides audience members with Nerf pistols to settle their scores. A highly interactive and fun event.
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am – Photo Ops: The stars of Hollywood and Cosplay will be available for your photographic pleasure at WALK OF FAME, THE STATION, THE METRO and VORTEX CORE.
  • Saturday 3:30 pm / Sunday 4:30 pm – Jail and Bail Ends.
  • Saturday 3:45 pm / Sunday 4:45 pm – Dueling Ends.
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Event Video coverage: One of the Stars of Steamworks & Shadows will “host” their convention coverage show, interviewing and interacting with attendees and staff. This will be filmed and posted to www.youtube.com
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Door Prizes: You want swag?We got swag. Hold on to those tickets because we will be giving away a multitude of door prizes supplied by our awesome sponsors.


TopCon Events

  • 9:00 am – Doors Open To TopCon Geek Expo 2015  – Exhibitors Open In Grand Ball Room – Guest Celebrities Met & Greet In Grand Ball Room – Artist Alley Open In Lower Level Lobby – Cosplayer’s Open In Jefferson Ball Room – Table Top Gaming Begins In Fountain Level – TopCon Museum Opens in Fountain Room.
  • 10:00 am – Steam Punk Meet-Up in Parlor B (balcony level)
  • 11:00 am – Doctor Who Meet-Up in Parlor B (balcony level)
  • Noon – Walking Dead Meet-Up in Parlor B (balcony level)
  • 1:00 pm – Star Wars Meet-Up in Parlor B (balcony level)
  • 2:00 pm – Star Trek Meet-Up in Parlor B (balcony level)
  • 3:00 pm – Marvel Meet-Up in Parlor B (balcony level)
  • 4:00 pm – D.C. Meet-Up in Parlor B (balcony level)
  • 5:00 pm
    1. Supernatural Meet-Up in Parlor B (balcony level)
    2. Moderated Open Discussion; D.C Versus Marvel in Madison Ballroom
    3. Jefferson Ball Room Closes to Prep for VIP Party.
  • 6:00 pm – Anime Meet-Up in Parlor B (balcony level)
  • 7:00 pm – Jefferson Ballroom Opens For VIP Party: Only Pre-Registered Fans With Reservation, TopCon Guests, Exhibitors and TopCon Staff May Attend. Complimentary Drinks and Hors D’ Oeuvres with a Cash Bar. Enjoy the Comedy Stand-up of Braxton Hunt,  Alex Krumins & Joshua Shore then get your Geek on with our Live Band “Scarlet Canary” who will be rock’n the house.
  • 7:00 pm – Exhibitor Hall in Grand Ball Room Closes.
  • Midnight – Jefferson Ball Room Closes But The Party Does Not Have To End UNCLE BO’S BLUES BAR Is Right Across The Hall From The Jefferson Ball Room And Is Open Until 1:30 am.


● 8:30 am – Doors Open To Pre-Registrants
● 9:00 am – Doors Open To General Public – Exhibitors Open In Grand Ball Room – Guest Celebrities Met & Greet In Grand Ball Room – Artist Alley Open In Lower Level Lobby – Cosplayer’s Open In Jefferson Ball Room – Table Top Gaming Begins In Fountain Level – TopCon Museum Opens in Fountain Room.
● 9:30 am
1. First Seminar: CON ETIQUETTE.  Held in The Madison Ballroom (lower level) – Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Con Etiquette and find out how you can make your Con Experience the best it can be for yourself and others.
2. Second Seminar: COMIC CREATORS PANEL: Held in Parlor B (Balcony Level). Join the incomparable duo of Beard & Bean as they moderate this Panel featuring acclaimed Graphic Artists Axel Bordelon, BeeJay Hawn, Arie Monroe & Chelsea Mann discussing what it takes to create a Graphic Novel and Cartoon Art.
● 10:30 am
1.Third Seminar: Held in The Madison Ballroom (lower level) WRITING STRATEGIES & TACTICS This informative and comprehensive panel is Moderated by the Dynamic Duo of Beard & Bean and presented by four of the Top Writers in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Robert Collins, Dane Kroll, Susanne Lambdin and James L. Young, focuses on the creative process of structuring, building and presentation of CREATIVE WRITING.
2. SCREENING OF CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO EPISODE: Held in Parlor B (Balcony Level).”The Rescue” Starring William Hartnell. We are celebrating the beginning of the new season of Doctor Who with screenings of two Doctor Who Classic Serial Episodes. Come along with the 1st Doctor in his jaunt through time and space in this classic 1965 Adventure where he meets his companion Vicki.
● 11:30 am
1. Fourth Seminar: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) TRAVELING THE VORTEX: LIVE PODCAST – A podcast dedicated to the show Doctor Who with a perspective from two Midwest United States fans, and one person being introduced to the Doctor for the first time.
2. Fifth Seminar: The Madison Ballroom (lower level) MAKING A STEAMPUNK WEB SERIES: Brass Engine Productions, the team that brought you Steamworks & Shadows starring Airship Vindus, will take you on their journey from being another Steampunk group to producing their own internationally awarded web series.
● 1:00 pm
1. Sixth Seminar: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) SCREAM QUEEN: The Troubadours of Trouble, Beard & Bean are back to have an open and frank discussion with the Queen of Scream, Horror Movie Iconic Actresse Debbie Rochon and find out what it takes to Scream your way to the top.
2. Seventh Seminar: Held in Madison Ballroom (lower level) NICOLE CHILELLI WORK SHOP: The First Female Winner of the hit TV Series “Faceoff” presents an informative, instructive and comprehensive seminar on Advanced Special Effects Makeup. This workshop is $20.00 and is open to all fans. To register for this seminar please CLICK HERE!
● 2:15 pm
Eighth Seminar: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) ZOMBIES: We have brought together the most foremost experts on the living dead, Dead Hearts Novelist Susanne Lambdin, The Walking Dead’s Mike Mundy and Star Trek’s Patrick Barnitt to try to get to the heart (or brain) of our obsession with Zombies and why we love and fear the decomposed so much. Moderated by the Zombie Response Teams own Reginald Griffin.
● 3:30 pm
Ninth Seminar: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) Q & A WITH IBOT: Join the Everyday Geek Alexa Heart in an informative Panel with Michael Haze, Judge Hellfast and the IBOT: Iron Brothers of Topeka crew as they discuss the evolution and involvement of advanced Cosplay roles on this informative panel that will educate and inspire all who want to take their Cosplay to the next level. Q&A session at end.
● 4:45 pm – Tenth Seminar: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) THE VILLIAN’S OF STAR WARS VS. THE VILLIAN’S OF STAR TREK: Join KC Iron Man Clay Aksarben Hielscher as he moderates the 501st Legion’s, 70th Garrison’s as they go toe to toe with Star Treks “Go To Borg” Patrick Barnitt & IBOT’s Michael Haze in what is sure to be an entertaining debate as the Dark Side meets the Cube Side.
● 6:00 pm – COSPLAY COMPETITION & TOPCON HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE ANNOUNCEMENT: Held in Madison Ballroom (lower level) Do you have what it takes to be named the BEST COSPLAYER in your class? Enter and show us what you got. CLICK HERE FOR ENTRY FORM. Who will be this years TOPCON GEEK EXPO HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE? We shall see…
● 8:15 pm – COSPLAY AWARDS PRESENTATION: Held in Jefferson Ballroom (lower level)
● 9:00 pm – SPECIAL PRESENTATION OF DOCTOR WHO SEASON 35 – SERIES 10: Held in Madison Ballroom (lower level)
● 10:30 pm – MODEL HUNGER SHOWING: Held in Madison Ballroom (lower level) Join us as for the Regional Premier of Scream Queen Debbie Rochon’s Directorial Debut. Then stay after the film for a very special Q&A with Ms. Rochon conducted by TopCon’s Creator, The GYPSY.
● 11:30 pm – Doors Close


● 8:30 am – Doors Open For Pre-Registrants
● 9:00 am – Doors Open To General Public – Exhibitors Open In Grand Ball Room – Guest Celebrities Met & Greet In Grand Ball Room – Artist Alley Open In Lower Level Lobby – Cosplayer’s Open In Jefferson Ball Room – Table Top Gaming Begins In Fountain Level – TopCon Museum Opens in Fountain Room .
● 10:00 am
1. TOPCON INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL BEGINS: Held in Madison Ballroom (lower level) The top 3 films from The “Top Town Indie Film Festival” Will be featured along with other independently produced short subject films. GOT A FILM YOU WANT TO SHOW? CLICK HERE TO ENTER.
2. Eleventh Seminar: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) COSPLAY ON A BUDGET: The Everyday Geek, Alexa Heart is back to Moderate KC Ironman Clay Aksarben Hielscher and TopCon’s Event Coordinator Easton Stone Tilton as they present this informative and helpful panel on how to pull off effective Cosplay when your pockets are not deep.
● 11:00 am
TOPCON INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL CONTINUES: Held in Madison Ballroom (lower level) The top 3 films from The “Top Town Indie Film Festival” Will be featured along with other independently produced short subject films. GOT A FILM YOU WANT TO SHOW? CLICK HERE TO ENTER.
● 11:15 am
Twelfth Seminar: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) WE ALL GAME Join TopCon’s Own Nikki B. and Reuben J. as they hold this informative Panel on Gender and Gaming. A thought provoking gaming discussion.
TOPCON INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL CONTINUES WITH THE BRASS ENGINE PRODUCTIONS EPISODE SCREENING/Q&A: Held in Madison Ballroom (lower level) The crew of Steamworks and Shadows will screen a live world premiere of a never before seen episode! Stick around after the video for a Cast and Crew Q&A!
● 12:30 pm
Thirteenth Seminar: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) THE FAMILY THAT GAMES TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER TopCon’s Nikki B. & Reuben J. are back to discuss Bridging The Generation Gaming gap. This is sure to be one of the most informative and thought provoking gaming panels you will ever attend.
● 1:00 pm
TOPCON INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL CONCLUDES: Held in Madison Ballroom (lower level) The top 3 films from The “Top Town Indie Film Festival” Will be featured along with other independently produced short subject films. GOT A FILM YOU WANT TO SHOW? CLICK HERE TO ENTER.
● 2:00 pm
AFTER GLOW GAMING FINALS: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) The Top Champions from the monthly After Glow Video Gaming Tournaments and Challengers compete for glory and prizes.
● 4:00 pm – AWARDS PRESENTION: Held in Madison Ballroom (lower level) Who won the Film Festival? Who won After Glow? Attend to find out!
● 4:30 pm – Classic Super Hero Movie: Held in Parlor B (balcony level) “SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS”.
● 5:00 pm – Last Chance to tour TopCon, Exhibitors and Guests.
● 6:00 pm – Exhibit Hall Closes, Artist Alley Closes, Walk Of Fame Meet & Greet Closes, Gaming Tables Closes, Museum Closes,  Doors Close: SEE YOU NEXT YEAR  FOR TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2016!

And Speaking of Events The TopCon Team presented several events during 2015 in support of TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015 and to help support charitable causes.

We also had some great Sponsors in 2015 that showed TopCon a lot of support


One of our biggest Sponsors and a huge supporter of TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015 was KSNT – KANSAS FIRST NEWS. They not only made us the great commercials you will see below they also shared the audio with Cumulus Broadcasting, another TopCon Sponsor, so that they could play it on their stations V-100 TOPEKA’S ROCK LEADER and MAJIC 107.7.

But of course TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015 could not have happened without the great TopCon Team & Volunteers that brought it all together. Without their dedication and hard work TopCon would have never become a reality and would have remained nothing more than a dream.


A Huge Thank You To All Who Supported Our Efforts And Who Helped Make TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015 A Reality!



Yes TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015 was quite an event yet you have not seen nothing yet. Join us for TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2016 as we Boldly Go Where No Con In Kansas Has Gone Before.